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The land gives us the products, we bring them to your table'.

We offer gourmet products where theproduction, harvesting and processing is handmade and organic to maintain the quality and authentic flavor.

Give the gift of handcrafted products direct from the farmer.

Our company

Pico y tallo is a company that arises from the gastronomic passion and the need to enjoy the food that the land offers us as it is, unadulterated, handmade and organic.

We produce, harvest and process in an artisanal way so that our gourmet products maintain all their properties and offer an authentic flavor.

From the land

The incredible taste of our products is provided by the daily care of the land.


All our products are handcrafted and treated in a traditional way.


All our products are natural, unadulterated and therefore the taste is authentic.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to be able to share the delicacies that the land offers us while respecting the environment, with the purpose of bringing you back to your roots and remembering the flavors of the past.

We want to bring to your table, all the flavors and delicatessen of the highest quality of Mediterranean gastronomy.

We believe that a quality product is the result of a passionate relationship between a craftsman and his land. That is why the products offered by the land are made in an artisanal and sustainable way with local producers of wide experience, with whom we build a human relationship of friendship, trust and proximity.

Our products

You can buy products directly from the farmer

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