Gourmet olives

Organic handmade olives

Spanish geography is a place where olive trees grow in abundance. The soil, climate and sunlight provide the perfect conditions for these crops to thrive; this means that we have a wide variety from which to choose and select the best olives for our products.

To nibble and savor

Discover some of the ideal olives for snacking. At Pico y Tallo we think of varieties that will surprise you with their flavor.

Gazpacho olives

The Gazpacha olive gives its name to a traditional blend from the Mediterranean area, which is made using manzanilla olives.

Gordal olives

The name Gordal is given to different varieties of olive trees which are mainly cultivated in Andalusia.

Black olives

Black olives are not a variety of olive, but all olives become darker as they ripen.

Where the natural and authentic converge

Olives harvested in organic orchards directly from the farmer.

Artisanal gourmet olives

All our products are produced under strict quality processes maintaining a handcrafted process from start to finish, in order to obtain a unique product that is able to generate a gastronomic experience in our customers.

We make the difference, for gourmet palates.

Artisan Olivadas

Find the best gourmet olives and artisan olives in our online store.

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