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Products of the land

Go back to your roots, remember flavors like those of yesteryear and others that will surprise you.

Handcrafted Products

Production, harvesting and artisanal processing to maintain quality.

Organic Products

The purest taste is the authentic flavor of each product, unadulterated.

Gourmet Products

Handcrafted gourmet boxes

Buy our packs with a selection of unique products from local producers.
We strengthen the rural economy.

Artisan cheese

Cheese elaborated in an artisan way.

Gourmet olives

A simple olive harbors a world of flavors.

Artisan jams

Careful selection of the best seasonal fruits.

Gourmet oil

Limited production of a pure oil.

Artisan honey

From the honeycomb to the jar, without intermediate processes.


Authentic explosion of flavor for gourmet palates.

Buying fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer

Gourmet Baskets

It gives flavor and aroma.

Give the gift of handcrafted products direct from the farmer.

Buy gourmet products

Discover unique flavors and aromas that will not leave you indifferent.

Doubts? Don't wait any longer, contact us.

We will be happy to assist you in the process of selection, purchase and delivery of our local products.

Return to your roots

It recalls the authentic flavor of the products, like the one from the village, like the one of our grandparents.

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