From the farmer to your table


As we are more and more aware of the importance of a good nutrition for our health, in Pico y tallo we work with organic products because they are healthier due to the fact that they are free of toxic residues such as chemical fertilizers and additives from conventional agriculture, which in the medium or long term can damage our organism.

Because they contain no artificial substances, foods from organic farming maintain their properties and taste intact and do not alter metabolic functions.

In addition, the elaboration is always handmade for the many benefits it brings as opposed to the supermarket product, since it is made with quality raw materials, manufactured one by one with the same, which results in a higher quality product with an exquisite taste.

Our farmers

Carmen Jimenez

Farmer by vocation in Cocentaina. He has a land where he grows all kinds of food without pesticides, taking care of them and pampering them from the beginning and therefore he obtains products of the highest quality.


Pepe Ruiz

"Lover of the land", this is how Pepe defines himself. A lifelong farmer, he inherited from his father two plots of land in Gaianes from which he obtains his organic products. Their specialty is honey, you have to try it!


Carlos Ferrer

Carlos left his job in a company to devote himself body and soul to farming to help his father. They are united by their passion for the land and for good gastronomy, which is why they achieve an exquisite taste.


Products direct from the farmer

Find exclusive products that will not leave you indifferent, every bite will be a unique gastronomic experience.

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More and more people are choosing to eat artisan foods. Eating well has become a gastronomic experience, an art. The most sophisticated palates need to enjoy Gourmet and Organic Products that provide a different experience from the standard products on the market.

Luckily in this country we find first class Spanish delicacies to taste and savor such as Spanish oil, cheese, jams, honey and much more.

Fruits and vegetables direct from the farmer

Go back to your roots.

Find again the flavors of the products.

Discover the Spanish gourmet and artisanal products that will not leave you indifferent.

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