Thousand Flowers Handmade Honey


Thousand Flowers Raw Artisan Honey. 380gr.

Handmade flower honey

Wildflower honey has an amber color, a sweet taste, a slightly fruity floral fragrance, creamy and consistent. It is made by our bees from several varieties of wild flowers. This liquid gold is ideal for baking, spreading on a slice of bread or sweetening your drinks. It is also effective in the treatment of digestive disorders, sore throats and sleep. Flower honey has a light yellow color, a sweet taste and a very discreet floral aroma. Due to its low glucose content, it crystallizes slowly. Therefore, it is a liquid honey that is very easy to spread.

Raw Honey

Wildflower honey in 380 gr. container.
Origin: Spain – Valencian Community
Thousand Flowers Raw Artisan Honey.

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