Rosemary handmade honey


Mil Flores Natural Artisan Honey. 1Kg.

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Handmade rosemary honey

This is undoubtedly one of the most demanded honeys in our country, since rosemary is abundant in the mountains. It has a very characteristic aroma, so its honey, well processed, has an unmistakable flavor and aroma. At Miel Sierraflor we harvest this honey in April in the municipality of Mira, Cuenca, and on the slopes of the Benagéber reservoir, on the Turia River.

We obtain a product with a mild flavor that in the mouth increases the intensity of the aromas, not very intense and with floral tones. A real pleasure for the palate!

Rosemary honey properties

Improves digestion. It protects the intestinal and stomach mucosa, thus relieving and facilitating difficult and heavy digestions, as well as gas and acidity. It is recommended as a sweetener in infusions such as chamomile and pennyroyal mint.
It is a natural antiseptic. It cures and prevents colds, as well as bronchitis and asthma episodes.
Stimulates and purifies the liver. Its regular consumption helps us to keep our liver healthy. It is also a perfect supplement for people suffering from excess uric acid.
It is beneficial for the mind. Its high lithium content helps to reduce stress, physical and mental exhaustion and to alleviate some cases of senile dementia, as well as to improve memory.
Regulates disordered menstruation. It has been shown to help regulate menstruation in many cases.


Natural Rosemary Honey. 1Kg.

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