Gurgu Wine – Avantpassats


Wine of the Giró variety. Earthenware jars with more than 100 years of history.

Valencian Red Wine

Wine of the Giró variety.

The Giró variety has been produced with the utmost respect for the environment in which it was grown, ending its life cycle where it began, in the earth: in our vats. Earthenware jars with more than 100 years of history.

These jars have been reused after having been originally used to store the most precious foodstuffs for our grandparents, such as meat, oil, cereals and in our case, wine.

With this wine, Gurgu wants to pay a small tribute to our grandparents and ancestors, from whom we have learned that love for the land, gives us our most precious asset, the wine “Avantpassats”.


Tasting notes

Elegant candied fruit on the organic background of the jar itself.

Attractive cherry of medium intensity in color.

Surprising in the mouth for its fresh acidity. Flavor of candied pumpkin and reminiscence of clay.

Weight 1,5 kg


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