Artisan Strawberry Jam


Handmade strawberry jam from organic farming.

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Handmade jam

Artisanal strawberry jam is a product carefully made by local farmers. Handmade strawberry jam is obtained from fresh, healthy and ripe strawberries. The strawberries used in the preparation are carefully selected, washed and separated from the stem and leaves. Once the selection process is completed, the strawberries are subjected to a crushing process before being processed into jam and finally packaged.

Handmade strawberry jam, in addition to being a carefully crafted product, allows the fruit to be available for a long period of time, avoiding seasonality problems, with a longer shelf life than that of unprocessed canned fruit. Handmade strawberry jam has a sweet flavor and interesting texture; once in the mouth you can taste delicious pieces of strawberries. The jam can be used in different ways: as an accompaniment to snacks or desserts.

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