Supermercado productos directamente del agricultor

Supermarket with products from direct farmers and producers

We simply trust that what we buy at our local supermarket has been responsibly sourced and produced by farmers who live far away. But if you want to feel more connected to your food source while supporting family businesses in rural areas, why not shop at supermarkets that buy directly from farmers and producers?

With Pico y Tallo, this dream has come true: an online retailer of sustainable groceries delivered directly to your doorstep.

Directly from local farmers and producers

A supermarket that sources directly from farmers and producers is an excellent option for those who want to consume fresh, quality products. Opting for a shorter supply chain eliminates middlemen and promotes local agriculture, which helps sustain the area’s economy. In addition, the close relationship between the producers and the supermarket ensures greater transparency regarding the origin and quality of the products. This is beneficial for both consumers and farmers, who can work collaboratively to meet market demands. In short, a supermarket that sources directly from farmers and producers is a sustainable, healthy and economical option for everyone.

Fresher, healthier and less polluting products

Nowadays, we are more and more aware of the importance of a healthy diet and what better way to obtain it than through fresh and uncontaminated products. There are several ways in which we can ensure that what we eat is as natural as possible, from growing our own food at home to buying organic products in specialized stores. In addition, if we consume products that are grown with sustainable practices, we are also contributing to the care of the environment. By choosing healthier and more nutritious options, we are making a decision that not only benefits our bodies, but also the planet we live on.

Fruits and vegetables direct from the farmer

From the field to the plate.

At Pico y Tallo we believe that the best way to guarantee quality and freshness is to source directly from farmers and producers. This means that our products are harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, which allows us to offer you the freshest possible products. Our fruits and vegetables come directly from the farm to your home, so you can be sure they are free of preservatives and added chemicals. Thanks to our direct sourcing model, we are able to reduce the carbon footprint associated with product transportation and storage.

Support to local farmers and producers

We strive to encourage responsible consumption and support small local businesses by buying directly from farmers and producers. In this way, we can offer our customers the freshest products at a fair price and ensure that farmers get the most out of their hard work. In addition, we strive to promote sustainable agricultural practices to protect the environment and ensure that future generations have access to nutrient-rich, flavorful food that lasts a lifetime.

Natural products from the earth

We are committed to offering our customers the best quality with an ethical and sustainable approach. All our products come from direct farmers and producers who have been carefully selected based on their commitment to responsible agriculture. Thanks to this, you can enjoy products with all the flavor that will remind you of your roots.

We are passionate about offering you the freshest and best quality products from direct farmers and producers. We strive to make healthy eating convenient, delicious and accessible to everyone. So why not join us in our mission: shop with us today for a healthier tomorrow!

The slowfood trend

This trend is here to stay! Make the most of your shopping experience by buying natural products directly from farmers and producers at Pico y Tallo. Quality, freshness and sustainability, all in one place! Shop with us today for a healthier tomorrow.

Some slowfood recipes are:

Vegetable stew with spelt and lentils.

2. Slow-roasted tomatoes and eggplant on toasted bread

3. Smoked trout with rye bread and dill sauce

4. Roasted root vegetables and herbs

5. Beet soup with cashew nuts

6. Chickpeas and vegetable couscous

7. Pilaf of green lentils and wild mushrooms

8. Creamy polenta with roasted vegetables

9. Baked sweet potatoes with cheese sauce

10. Eggplant stuffed peppers with tomato sauce.

Try these delicious slowfood recipes today for a healthier tomorrow!

Buy farmer’s produce online

At Pico y Tallo, you can buy your products online and receive them directly from the field at your doorstep. Our farmers and producers use sustainable practices to ensure that the quality of their products is not compromised. With our direct sourcing model, we can reduce food waste, reduce carbon dioxide emissions associated with transportation and promote local agriculture. Shop with us today for a healthier tomorrow

We believe that by supporting local farmers and producers we can build a more sustainable food system and encourage the use of fresh, natural products.

Join us and buy produce directly from local farmers and producers online direct to your home.

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