Gourmet Supermarket: Sustainable and healthy food

El Supermercado Gourmet and its commitment to sustainable and healthy eating

Gourmet Supermarket may sound like an oxymoron – after all, who says “gourmet” and “supermarket” in the same sentence? But don’t let the name fool you: this grocery store is committed to offering only sustainable and healthy food.

From locally sourced products to certified organic meats, they strive to offer a range of healthy options while adhering to their commitment to environmental sustainability.

They also take their mission to offer delicious, good-for-you food very seriously; not only do they offer organic and healthy food, but they also make sure that these offerings are packed with flavor. When it comes to eating well, the key is not having to sacrifice taste for health: what good is nutritious food if no one wants to eat it?

That’s why they promise that all the items in their store will delight your palate as much as they will nourish your body.

The benefits of eating sustainable and healthy food

Eating healthy, sustainable foods can do more than just nourish your body: it can be a great way to show your appreciation for the environment By choosing sustainable, healthy foods, you support local farmers and their efforts to protect the ecosystems we all depend on.

Locally grown food not only tastes better (it is said to retain more of its natural flavors because it is not transported over long distances), but it emits less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than store-bought produce.

Eating healthy foods, on the other hand, can help maintain an ideal weight and prevent diet-related diseases.

And since many fruits, vegetables and grains are at their most nutritious when fresh, eating sustainable foods helps ensure that your family enjoys farm-to-table goodness at its best.

From an economic point of view, buying in season also allows for better prices, which means that the search for healthier options is a win-win: tastier and healthier food with economic savings and environmental protection.

So take a moment today to think about what healthy, sustainable choices you can make when you shop at the supermarket – your taste buds (and the planet) will thank you!

Most popular Gourmet Supermarket products

If your shopping list isn’t so exciting and you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary, gourmet supermarkets are the place to go.

Not only do gourmet products taste great, but they may come from faraway places or use unique ingredients or presentations.

If you want to get your hands on some truly unique finds, shopping at a gourmet supermarket is the way to go!

Some of the most popular items found at these locations include fresh fish, premium cuts of meat, various cheeses and artisanal breads; luxury foods, such as truffle honey and premium olive oil; exotic delicacies, such as caviar and squid ink paste; plants, spices, herbs and international packaged snacks; plus unusual condiments.

Shopping at a gourmet supermarket can be an adventure with lots of delicious possibilities.

Recipes with artisan products

When it comes to preparing something delicious, using artisanal products can take a dish to the next level.

For example, you can add extra texture and flavor to crispy chicken fillets by coating them with herbed artisan breadcrumbs. Likewise, you can mix mashed potatoes with butter, packed with chives and Italian herbs thanks to a high quality artisan butter.

One of the best recipes to showcase the beauty of artisanal cooking is fresh pasta with roasted vegetables.

A simple garlic tomato sauce made from artisanal cans is the perfect base for lightly browned mushrooms and peppers topped with grated Parmesan cheese: an unimaginably tasty treat! The possibilities are endless when using artisanal products – from cookies to granola bars and even pizza dough – so unleash your culinary creativity.

Perhaps gourmet red shrimp croquettes?

Artisan red shrimp croquettes are an ideal appetizer for any lunch, dinner or special event.

To prepare this gourmet dish, sauté minced garlic and chopped onions in a skillet until soft. Then add the cooked red shrimp and the béchamel sauce and mix until smooth.

Form the mixture into round, golf ball-sized croquettes and roll them in the seasoned breadcrumbs until they are completely coated.

Finally, fry the croquettes in a generous amount of hot oil until golden brown and crispy.

They are sure to impress all your guests with their rich flavor and delicate texture.

Online gourmet supermarket

If everything you have seen so far has whetted your appetite, you don’t have to wait until you can go to a supermarket, in our online store you can find many of these products that will allow you to create a unique gastronomic experience.

Our products have been carefully selected to achieve the highest quality from production, harvesting and processing.

Visit now our online supermarket of gourmet products or write us to ask any question about it.

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