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Do you like the taste of oranges? If so, you’re in luck! Valencia oranges and tangerines are some of the best in the world. And now, you can buy them directly from the farmer over the Internet. On our website, we sell traditional oranges and tangerines at home prices. You won’t find a better offer anywhere else!

Valencian orange

Oranges are a delicious and healthy fruit that can be enjoyed in many ways. You can eat them as is, use them to make fresh juice, or even bake with them. No matter how you like to enjoy your oranges, you can’t go wrong if you get them in Valencia.

Valencia is located in Spain and is known for being one of the best places in the world to grow oranges. The climate is perfect for orange trees and the soil is rich in nutrients. This combination results in oranges that are not only delicious but also full of nutrients. If you buy your Valencia oranges, you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best.

Orange for juice

Juice oranges are a type of orange usually used to make fresh juice. If you are looking for oranges to make fresh juice, Valencia oranges are the perfect choice. They are juicy and have a great flavor that makes the juice delicious.

Table orange

Usually they are classified as ‘table’ oranges those that have a better appearance as they do not have scratches, have a uniform skin color or have a shape as spherical as possible, among others.

Fruit direct from the farmer

Valencia farmers take pride in growing their oranges and only the best make it to market. You will also find that the prices of Valencia oranges are very reasonable. When you compare them to other brands, you’ll see that you’re getting a great deal on a superior product. To find the freshest possible produce, from tree to table, you should buy fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer.

Another advantage of buying Valencia oranges is that you support local farmers. When you shop in Valencia, you are helping to keep money in the local economy. This is good for farmers and for the community in general. You will also find that oranges taste even better when you know they were grown locally with love and care.

Advantages of buying directly from the farmer?

When you buy these fruits directly from the grower and picker, you are getting a product that is fresh and of the highest quality. You are also supporting local farmers and helping to sustain small populations that depend directly on agriculture.

In addition, these products usually work under three key concepts:

  • Artisanal
  • Sustainable
  • KM0


They continue to rely on traditional, manual processes as opposed to large production chains.


The way they are farmed respects both the environment and the people who work on these farms.

KM0 Products

This concept is based on reducing CO₂ emissions by consuming products that have not traveled long distances to reach you. When you buy oranges from Valencia, you can be sure that you are getting an orange that has not traveled far and has minimal environmental impact.

Buy oranges online

No matter how you like to enjoy your oranges, make sure you buy them in Valencia! You’ll get a quality product at a great price while supporting local farmers. What more could you ask for? At Pico y Tallo we are proud to sell Valencia oranges online and we know you will love them as much as we do.

We sell fruits and vegetables directly from the farmer, so that the product arrives at your home as fresh as possible.

Visit our website today to place your order and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Thank you for supporting Valencian farmers!

Pico y Tallo is the best place to buy Valencia oranges online. We offer a wide variety of oranges and tangerines, all at an incredibly reasonable price.

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