Local producers: The key to proximity Km0 products

Imagine a country where the emptying of rural areas has led to an increase in food imports, and where the health of the population suffers as a result. This may sound like a scene from a dystopian movie, but it is actually happening in Spain right now. Local producers are the key to reversing this trend and improving our health. Through sustainable and small-scale practices, supported by a promotion of local food consumption, local producers produce sustainable and often organic food. If you are interested in learning more about these amazing people, read on!

The key: Local producers

Local producers are the key to improving the trend of “hollowed out” Spain in rural areas. They produce sustainable, often organic, and nutritious food.

Its practices are based on small-scale production, which supports the local economy and creates jobs. In addition, they promote the consumption of local foods, which reduces our dependence on imported foods.

The benefits of local producers

Supporting local producers has many benefits. On the one hand, it helps to slow down the emptying of Spain. Local producers create jobs and support the local economy. In addition, its sustainable practices help protect the environment. And finally, their products are often healthier and more nutritious than processed foods.

So what can be done to support local producers?

There are many ways to support local producers. One of them is to buy their products. Another way is to promote them through word of mouth or social networks by advocating policies that support small farmers.

At Pico y Tallo we are committed to local producers and farmers with selected products from different regions of Spain. Our online store is a good way to buy products from local producers and receive them at your doorstep. Always knowing that they will be KM0 products.

KM0 products in Spain

How many miles are you from the food on your plate? If you live in Spain, that number is getting smaller and smaller. Thanks to a renewed focus on local food production, Spaniards are getting to know their neighbors better than ever: from the farmer down the street who grows organic produce, to the butcher who knows where his meat comes from. And as we become more connected to our local producers, we also become more aware of the importance of eating fresh, healthy food.

The products usually found among these producers are:

Organic products

Organic products are those that, throughout their production process, do not use any chemical products, such as pesticides, herbicides, among others.

They are usually produced on a small scale and, in many cases, are also certified by environmental organizations.

Sustainable products

Sustainability in food products is achieved when, throughout the production process, natural resources are used in a way that does not damage or deplete them.

This type of food is usually produced on a small scale and often uses environmentally friendly practices.

Handcrafted products

At this point, the importance lies in the production, harvesting and processing process that takes into account the entire life cycle of the product.

From an environmental point of view, it is a more sustainable way of producing food. In addition, these products are usually free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

And finally, because they are produced on a smaller scale, they tend to have a higher nutritional value than mass-produced ones.

Traditional products are those that have been produced in the same way for generations. In many cases, they use local products and are often handmade.

Pico y Tallo: Unique Gastronomic Experiences

At Pico y Tallo we believe that eating is a unique experience that should be savored and shared.

Our online store offers a selection of products from local producers from all over Spain. We only work with the best producers in each area.

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