Truffled cheese: a gourmet cheese

If you are looking for a unique and delicious cheese to add to your next cheese board, you should try truffled cheese. This gourmet cheese is made with real truffles, which gives it a wonderfully intense flavor that will impress your guests. Truffled cheese goes well with wine, bread and other meats, so be sure to experiment and see what your favorite combinations are.

A true gourmet cheese

Truffled cheese is any type of cheese flavored with truffles, a culinary fungus that grows underground and is highly appreciated by chefs and food lovers. The truffles have an earthy, spicy, nutty flavor that is truly unforgettable.

Truffle cheese is flavored with truffle shavings, truffle oil or both. Any type of cheese made with any type of milk can be flavored with truffles.

Types of truffled cheese

Next time you go to a cheese shop, look for one of these truffled cheeses:

  • Sottocenere: A strong truffle aroma is followed by a slightly milder truffle flavor in this semi-soft Italian cheese with flecks of black truffle. A mixture of nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon, cinnamon, licorice, cloves and fennel that has been rubbed into the bark is added to the truffle aromas.
  • Moliterno black truffle pecorino: A Sardinian cheese with the earthy, nutty and salty flavor of pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) covered with black truffle paste. The truffles can be seen in dark lines throughout the cheese, which is made from raw sheep’s milk.
  • Boschetto al Tartufo: Italian semi-soft cheese made from a mixture of pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milk. The cheese is soft, allowing the white truffle shavings to dominate the flavor.
  • Truffle tremor: This pasteurized goat’s milk cheese has a soft and spongy texture. It is peppered with bits of black truffle and is made by Cypress Grove in California.
  • Truffle and salt cheddar: An aged and pasteurized cheddar made with black truffle salt. Created by Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese in Idaho.
  • Cured truffle sheep cheese: This classic Iberian cheese but with black truffle tinder, a real delight.
  • Truffle Gouda: This Dutch Gouda is flavored with small specks of black truffle. Less sharp and sweet than some types of Gouda, the cheese has a flavor that does not overpower the truffles.

Serving and cooking suggestions

When serving truffle cheese, keep the presentation simple so that the truffle flavor takes center stage. Don’t bother with much more than a slice of baguette or plain crackers. Adding a glass of sparkling wine or pinot noir can enhance the pleasure of eating truffle cheese.

Semi-soft and hard truffle cheeses can be used to flavor a wide variety of dishes. Grate truffle cheese over eggs, pizza or pasta, or even macaroni and cheese. You can also use truffle cheese in grilled cheese sandwiches and risotto or melt it in a fondue.

Why are truffles so expensive?

White truffles are the most expensive, followed by black truffles. Truffle harvesting is a slow and laborious process, which influences its cost. Truffle hunters roam hills and forests with their truffle-trained dogs, which can sniff out buried treasures growing in the wild.

Many countries also grow truffles with mixed success. Truffle breeding is not easy, and the result can be a truffle of inferior quality on the market.

Considering the high cost of truffles, truffle-flavored cheese is relatively affordable. Most truffle-flavored cheeses contain only a small amount of truffle, but the truffle flavor and aroma are easy to detect.

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