Charcuterie online: Iberian cured meats, sausages and ham slices

If you are looking for a delicious and authentic taste of Spain, look no further than our online sausage store. Here you will find Serrano ham, Iberian ham, chorizo and other traditional Spanish delicacies. Our products are prepared with the best ingredients and respecting traditional preparation methods, so you can be sure they will taste amazing. Whether you’re planning a quick meal or a special celebration, we have everything you need right here in our online store!

What are iberian products?

Iberian cured meats are a type of cured meat made from the Iberian pig. This native breed of pig is found in Spain and Portugal, and is known for its diet rich in acorns. This diet gives Iberian pigs their unique flavor and aroma, which are then transmitted to the meat. Iberian hams are dry-cured for at least 18 months, and sometimes up to 36 months. This curing process results in an incredibly flavorful and aromatic ham. Iberian hams are usually served in thin slices and are an excellent complement to any charcuterie board.

Ham sliced

Ham is a type of ham that is cut in thin slices and is usually served as an appetizer. It can be made with any type of ham, but it is most commonly made with Iberian or Serrano ham. Sliced ham is usually served with bread, cheese and pickles.


Chorizo is a typical Spanish sausage made from minced pork meat mixed with spices. Chorizo is usually served in slices and can be eaten alone or accompanied, for example, with nuts such as almonds.


In Spain there is a great variety of cheeses, each with its own flavor. Some of the most popular Spanish cheeses are Manchego, Tetilla and Idiazabal. These cheeses are usually served as part of a charcuterie board, along with ham, chorizo and other cured meats. The cheeses pair perfectly with products such as jams.

Loin cane

The “caña de lomo” is a cut of meat extracted from the pork loin. This part of the animal is very tender and juicy, and when dried with salt and a combination of spices, a unique flavor is obtained.

Cold meats: Sausages vs cooked

There are two types of cold cuts, cured and cooked. The sausages are made with minced meat, which is mixed with spices and other ingredients, such as onion. The mixture is stuffed into a casing and dried. Cooked meats are simply pieces of raw meat that have been cooked and cooled.

Both are two types of exquisite products that, depending on the accompaniment, we can choose one or the other.

For snacking: We recommend you use the Iberian cured meats for snacking before and during meals. Wine, cheese and Iberian ham? You won’t need anything else.

For breakfast: Cooked cold cuts will undoubtedly be a perfect complement to your Mediterranean breakfast. Use chicken breast on your toast with a touch of olive oil, accompanied by fresh orange juice.

Artisanal charcuterie: the same as always

Just as we already shop online in supermarkets, delis have also upgraded.

It is now possible to buy gourmet artisan products like those of your usual delicatessen, but with the ease of buying online from home.

Pico y Tallo: Your online delicatessen at home.

Do you want to buy everything like in your local deli? In Pico y Tallo we deliver to your home all the iberian cured meats, cold cuts and other products cut as you like.

Serrano ham, Iberian or acorn-fed ham, cheese, chorizo… The most traditional products of our gastronomy.

Pico y tallo is a gastronomic space where you can enjoy a selection of products of origin and faithfully respecting the traditions in its preparation to obtain a unique tasting.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us! You won’t regret it.

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