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Cheese is one of the most important foods in Spanish gastronomy. For this reason, there is a great variety in the market, however, there is a big difference between artisan cheese and the one found in the local supermarket. Artisan cheese is made with love and care, while mass-produced cheese is produced by the thousands in factories. If you are looking for something special, something with real flavor, then you should try artisan cheese. In this post, we’ll talk about the difference between artisan cheese and mass-produced cheese, and show you why to choose the real thing.

Cheese production

Cow’s milk is the most commonly used to make cheese, but it is not the only one. In Spain, goat and sheep cheese are also popular. Goat’s milk has a stronger and more acidic taste than cow’s milk. Sheep’s milk, on the other hand, has a sweeter taste.

To make cheese, the milk needs to be curdled to separate the curd (solids) from the cream (liquid). Rennet can be a natural bacteria or a plant extract such as thistle.

After the milk has curdled, it is cut into small pieces to release the whey. The curd is then placed on a cloth and allowed to drain. The end result is cheese.

To make a high quality artisan cheese, you need fresh milk, natural rennet and a lot of patience. The process of making artisanal cheese is slower than industrial cheese, but this extra effort is reflected in the final product.

How can cheese be preserved?

Cheese should be stored in a cool, dry place. The refrigerator is the ideal place. Cheese can also be frozen, but this will change its texture and flavor. If you are freezing cheese, it is best to freeze it in small portions so that you can thaw only as much as you need.

Differences between artisan cheese and mass-produced cheese

Cheese is one of the most common foods in our gastronomy. In fact, it is composed of a multitude of varieties native to the Spanish territory. Therefore, any local palate should be able to recognize an artisan cheese from those that have been mass-produced by large multinationals.

Artisan cheese is made by hand, in small batches. The cheesemaker has a deep knowledge of the trade and takes care of every step of the process. The result is a product with unique flavors and characteristics. Mass-produced cheese, on the other hand, is made on a large scale, in factories. The goal is to produce a lot of cheese quickly and cheaply. This often means that the quality of the final product suffers.

It is true that most diners resort to the varieties found in supermarkets because of their low price and accessibility. However, its organoleptic properties have nothing to do with those of authentic artisan cheese.

Artisan cheese varieties in Spain

In Spain there are many types of artisan cheeses. Some of the most popular are:

-Cabrales: A strong blue cheese from the Asturias region.

-Manchego: A firm, nutty cheese from the La Mancha region.

-Torta del Casar: A soft cheese with a strong Extremaduran flavor.

-Idiazábal: Smoked sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque Country.

-Pasiego: A soft and creamy cheese from Cantabria.

Why choose artisan cheese?

The main reason for choosing artisan cheese is the taste. These cheeses are made with high quality ingredients and careful attention to detail. This results in a richer flavor and a more complex texture. In addition, artisan cheeses are often made using traditional methods, which gives them a unique flavor that you won’t find in mass-produced cheeses. In addition, these cheeses are usually produced in small batches, so you can be sure you are getting a fresh product. Finally, artisan cheesemakers often use local ingredients which supports the local economy.

Health benefits of artisan cheese

In addition to its great taste, artisan cheese also has some health benefits. These cheeses are made with raw milk, which contains more nutrients than pasteurized milk. Raw milk is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin A. It also contains beneficial bacteria that can help improve intestinal health. Artisanal cheeses are also lower in fat and calories than industrial cheeses. This is because they contain no additives or preservatives.

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Artisan cheese is a high quality product with a unique flavor. It has numerous health benefits and is also a way to support the local economy. Haven’t you tried it yet? If you have a fine beak, discover in Pico y Tallo all our gourmet products elaborated in an artisanal and organic way.

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